Tukkateatteri’s first ever English-speaking play on premiere 16.5.

Ladies and Gentlemen! Friends and strangers! Time has come to unveil Tukkateatteri’s first ever English-speaking play.

Not About Time is an original piece by the members of the Tukka Goes Hair -workshop. The play is a short, episodic piece framed by the changing of the seasons and it tells the story of one woman’s journey through grief, guilt and eventually acceptance. However, the play is also a comedy guaranteed to leave the audience in stiches with its array of hilarious side characters.

Tukka Goes Hair ends its first (but not last!) wonderful workshop with the premiere of Not About Time. Tukka Goes Hair is an English-speaking workshop aimed at exchange students and expats in Tampere. Throughout the spring, we have gathered tools from workshops on different aspects of theatre to create something of our own.

The premiere will be on the 16th of May at 19.00. There will be only 5 performances. Check out the dates and other details from here.

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